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Click on a county below and see what Societies are available.

New Mexico Research Societies

Hispanic Genealogical Society in Albuquerque. HGRC@HGRC-NM.ORG

Hispanic Genealogical Society for Texas and New Mexico, P.O. Box 231271, Houston, Texas, 77223-1271.

Historical Society of New Mexico, P.O. Box 1912, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87504.

History Library Museum of New Mexico, Palace of the Governors, 120 Washington Avenue, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501.  Phone: 505-476-5090

FAX: 505-476-5104 ,  e-mail:


New Mexico Jewish Historical Society, Jewish Community Center in Albuquerque,  5520 Wyoming Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109.  Phone: 505-348-4471    FAX: 505-821-3351  E-mail:             


Museums of New Mexico   -

Museum of New Mexico History Library, 110 Washington Ave., P. O. Box 2087, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87504-2087. Phone: 505-827-6470.

New Mexico Archives and Libraries- National Archives - Southwest Region, 501 W. Felis St., P.O. Box 6216, Fort Worth, Texas, 76115. Phone: 817-334-5625. Fax: 817-334-562. e-mail: for Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas

New Mexico Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 8283, Albuquerque, NM, 87198-8330. E-mail.

New Mexico Records and Archives, 404 Montezuma Ave., Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87503. Phone: 505-827-7331. Fax: 505-827-7331.

New Mexico State Library, 325 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501-2777. Phone: 505-827-3800. Fax: 505-827-3888.

Sons of the American Revolution New Mexico Society, Col. James R. Calhoun, Pres. 12429 Chelwood Court, N.W., Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87112.

Area, County, Library, and Museum Societies


Albuquerque Genealogical Society, PO Box 25512 , Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87102.

Albuquerque Historical Society, P.O. Box 1293, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87125.

Eubank Family History Center, 4109 Eubank, NE, Albuquerque, NM. Phone 505-293-5610

Haines Family History Center, 4709 Haines St., NE, Albuquerque, NM. Phone 505-266-4867

Hispanic Genealogical Research in New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Menual Historical Library, 301 Menaul Glve, NE, (Menual Schuool) Albuquerque, NM, 87107.  (have some Presbyterian genealogical research records)

Montano Family History Center, 100 Montano Road, NM, Albuquerque, NM. Phone505-343-0456

New Mexico Genealogical Society.  PO Box 8283, Albuauerque, NM,  87198.

Roman Catholic, Archdiocese of Santa Fe, 202 Morningside Dr. SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87108.

Special Collections Library, Edith & Central,  (mailing: 423 Central). Phone 505-848-1376.  To search for holdings at SCL.

University of New Mexico Library, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87131. Phone: 505-277-4241. Fax: 505-277-6019.


Luna Family History Center, East Main St., LunaNM. Phone 505-547-2762


Chaves County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 51, Roswell, New Mexico, 88201.

Chaves County Genealogy and History Societies, Florence Hamilton, 807 N. Missouri, Roswell, New Mexico, 88201. Phone: 505-624-2477.

Chaves County Genealogy, Vicki Stratton, P. O. Box 1085, Roswell, New Mexico, 88201. Phone: 505-623-6864.

Historical Soceity for Southeast New Mexico, 200 N. Lea, Roswell, New Mexico, 88201.   Phone: 505-622-8333.

Roswell Family History Center, 2201 W Country Club Road (North end of the building), Roswell, NM 88201. Phone: 505- 624-1761

Roswell Historical Society, 100 West 11th Street, Roswell, New Mexico, 88201.

Roswell New Mexico Genealogical Group, 2604 Kentucky, Roswell, New Mexico, 88201.


Cibola County Historical Society   POB 346  Grants, NM 87020   Paul Milan President  505-285-6611   or Randy Hoffman Vice Pres  505-285-3573

Grants Family History Center   1010 Bondad Ave.  Grants, NM 87020  505-287-2470

Cibola Arts Council; Double Six Art Gallery; & Museum   1001 W. Santa Fe Ave. Grants, NM 87020  505-285-7311

Northwest New Mexico Visitor Center1900 E. Santa Fe Ave. Grants, NM  87020    505-876-2783


Arthur Johnson Memorial Public Library, 244 Cook Ave., Raton, New Mexico, 87740. Phone: 505-445-9711.

Cimarron Historical Society, Les Davis, Cimarron, New Mexico, 87714.

Raton Family History Center, 2136 La Mesa Drive, Raton, New Mexico, 87740. Phone 505-445-9226.

Genealogical Club of Angel Fire, Fran Pallesen, P.O. Box 503, Angel Fire, New Mexico, 87710.

Raton Museum, Roger Sanchez, 218 S. First, Raton, New Mexico, 87740. Phone 505-445-8979.

Santa Fe Trail Museum, Mike Taylor, 606 Maxwell Ave., Springer, New Mexico, 87747. Phone: 505-483-5554 or 505-483-0474.


Clovis Family History Center. 2800 Lore St., Clovis, NM Visit our web page. Phone 505-769-1350

Curry County Genealogical Society, Clovis Carver Library, 701 Main, Clovis, New Mexico, 88101.  Harold Kilmer, President. Visit our web page.

High Plains Historical Foundation, 313 Prairieview, Clovis, New Mexico, 88101. Contact President, Harold Kilmer or Don McAlavy,  founding President.

De Baca

BILLY THE KID OUTLAW GANG, still active after 119 years.

Dona Ana

Dona Ana County Historical Society, 500 North Water Street, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 88001-1224. E-mail Beverley Pirtle.

Gadsen Historical Society, P. O. Box 147, Mesilla, New Mexico, 88046.

Hatch Family History Center,

Las Cruces Family History Center, 3210 Venus St., Las Cruces, NM. Phone 505-382-0618

Oral History Club, contact Archie Beckett (Elsa will send address)

Roman Catholic, Diocese of Las Cruces, 1280 Med Park, P.O. Box 16318, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 88004.

Southern New Mexico Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 2563, Las Cruces, New Mexico, 88004-2563. Contact Bill Wheeler.

Southern New Mexico Historical Collections at NMSU, Austin Hoover archivist. Phone: 505-646-1543.

Thomas Branigan Library has a fine geneological collection.   Contact the reference dept. of the Library at 200 E. Picacho, Las Cruces, NM 88001.  Phone No.  505 - 528-4005.    Branigan library subscribes to both Heritage Quest and library edition.  They must be used in the library only, but it is better than paying for these services for many people.  Reference staff are trained and able to assist with these databases.




Artesia Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 803, Artesia, New Mexico, 88210.

Artesia Historical Society, 505 West Richardson Ave., Artesia, New Mexico, 88210.

Carlsbad Family History Center, 1211 W Church St., Carlsbad, NM. Phone 505-885-1368

Carlsbad Historical Society, 418 W. Fox St., Carlsbad, New Mexico, 88220.

Eddy County Genealogical Society, , Carlsbad, New Mexico, 88220.


Silver City Family History Center, 3755 N Swan St., Silver City, NM. Phone 505-388-1068

Silver City Museum , 312 W. Broadway, Silver City, New Mexico, 88061.   The e-mail for the Museum's research library is  The research library is only open by appointment now.


We are still trying to locate an organization in this county.


We are still trying to locate an organization in this county.


Cotton City Family History Center, 10 miles N of Animas, NM. Phone 505-548-2318


Hobbs Family History Research Center, 3720 N. Grimes, Hobbs, New Mexico, 88240. Phone 505-392-6200

Lea County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1044, Lovington, New Mexico, 88260.

Lea County Historical Society, P.O. Box 1195, Lovington, New Mexico, 88260.

Southeastern New Mexico Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 5725, Hobbs, New Mexico, 88240.


Alto Family History Center, Miles Post 14, Alto, NM.

Carrizozo Historical Society, Box 657, Carrizozo, NM, 88301. Dues are $15 per year. Ann Buffington, President.

Billy The Kid Outlaw Gang, still active after 119 years.

Lincoln County Historical Society. P.O. Box 579,  Lincoln, NM 88301

Los Alamos

Los Alamos Family History Center, 1967 18th St., Los Alamos, NM. Phone 505-662-3186

Los Alamos Historical Society, P.O. Box 43, Los Alamos, New Mexico, 87544.   E-mail


Columbus Historical Society, P.O. Box 562, Columbus, New Mexico, 88029.

Deming Family History Center, 1000 W Florida, Deming, NM. Phone 505-544-0286

Deming Historical Society, 301 South Silver, Deming, New Mexico, 88030.


A:SHIWI A:WAN Heritage Center, P. O. Box 1009, Zuni, New Mexico, 87327-1009.

Gallup Family History Center, 601 Susan Avenue, Gallup, New Mexico, 87301-5663. 87301-5663.

Gallup Historical Society, Inc., 300 West Historic 66 Avenue, Gallup, New Mexico, 87301. Phone: 505-863-1363. Fax: 505-863-5680 (call first). President Jack J. Starkovich says they have no genealogical material, but plenty of historical information.

Ramah Family History Center, Tietjen St., Ramah, NM. Phone 505-783-4536

Red Rock Historical Society, P.O. Box 328, Gallup, New Mexico, 87305-0328.

Roman Catholic, Diocese of Gallup, 711 S. Puerco Dr., P.O. Box 1338, Gallup, New Mexico, 87305-1338.


Cleveland Historical Society, P. O. Box 287, Cleveland, New Mexico, 87715.


Alamogordo Family History Center, 1800 23rd St., Alamogordo, NM. Phone 505-437-8772

Alamogordo Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 246, La Luz, New Mexico, 88337.

Tularosa Basin Historical Society, 1301 WShite Sands Blvd.,  Alamogordo, New Mexico, 88310.   Phone 505-434-4438.


Tucumcari Family History Center, 2400 S. 9th St., Tucumcari, NM. Phone 505-461-9676

Tucumcari Historical Research Institute, 416 S. Adams, Tucumcari, New Mexico, 88401.

Quay County Genealogical Society, Tucumcari Public Library.

Rio Arriba

Espanola Family History Center, Corner McCurdy Rd & Fairview, Espanola, NM. Phone 505-753-3751

Ghost Ranch Living Museum, HCR 77, Box 15, Abiquiu, New Mexico, 87510.

Rio Arriba County Historical Society, P.O. Box 158, Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico, 87575.


Roosevelt County Historical Society, Portales, New Mexico.

Roosevelt County Genealogical Society, Portales Public Library. Contact President Jenny Hamblin or Joyce Locke. Use P.O. Box 474, Portales, New Mexico, 88130 for anyone who wants to use regular mail.


San Juan

Aztec Museum, 125 North Main Street, Aztgec, New Mexico, 87410. Phone: 505-334-9829

Farmington Family History Center, 400 West Apache, Farmington, New Mexico, 87401. Phone: 505-325-5813

Farmington Museum, 302 N. Orchard, Farmington, New Mexico, 87401-6227.

San Juan County Historical Society, P. O. Box 37, Flora Vista, New Mexico, 87415-0037. President is Catherine Davis who is also Collections Manager at the Farmington Museum.

Totah Tracers Genealogical Society,  . 1412 Anna Lane  Farmington, NM 87401.   Phone: 505-632-2013

San Miguel

Las Vegas City Historical Society, 729 Grand Ave., Las Vegas, New Mexico, 87701.

Las Vegas Family History Center, Las Vegas, NM.


Sandoval County Historical Society. Contact Martha Liebert, P. O. Box 692, Bernalillo, NM, 87004. Phone 505-867-2755.

Santa Ana

Santa Ana County was in existant in 1844. It was an original county and was abolished by 1880.

Santa Fe

Edgewood Family History Center, 2 BLKS S of I40, SR 344, Edgewood, NM. Phone 505-281-5384

New Mexico Jewish Historical Society, P. O. Box 15598, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87506.

Santa Fe County Historical Society, P.O. Box 1985, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87504.

Santa Fe Family History Center, 410 Rodeo Road, Santa Fe, NM. Phone 505-986-8254

San Iidefonso Historical Society, Route 5, Box 315-A, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501.


Geronimo Springs Museum, 221 Main St., Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, 87901.

Sierra County Genealogical Society, direct inquery to Joan Gooding, SCGS Public Relations, c/o Public LIbrary, P. O. Box 311, 325 Library Lane, T. or C., New Mexico, 87901.  


Socorro Family History Center, El Camino Real (Sedillo), Socorro, NM. Phone 505-835-4806. 

Socorro County Historical Society, Inc.  P.O. Box 923,  Socorro, New Mexico,  87801-0923. 

Socorro County Genealogical Society.


Kit Carson Historic Society, P.O. Drawer CCC, Taos, New Mexico, 87571.

Taos County Historical Society

Taos Family History Center, 235 Camino/Adobe Rd., Taos, NM. Phone 505-750-2018

Tres Piedras Family History Center, Highway 64, Tres Piedras, NM. Phone 505-751-0994


Moriarity Historical Society, P.O. Box 1366, Moriarity, New Mexico, 87035.


Folsom Historical Society, Main Street, Folsom, New Mexico, 88419.

Herzstein Memorial Museum, 22 South Second, Clayton, New Mexico, 88415. Phone: 505-375-2977.

Union County Historical Society, Clayton, New Mexico.


Grants Family History Center, 1010 Bondad Ave., Grants, NM. Phone 505-287-2470

Los Lunas Family History Center, 160 James St., Los Lunas, NM. Phone 505-865-9788

Valencia County Historical Society, 104 North First Street, Belen, New Mexico, 87002.

Acoma Pueblo Historical Society, P. O. Box 309, Acoma Pueblo, 87034.

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