Etna Downing Woodward


Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2009 5:15 PM.    Subject: Error at Cuervo cemetery web site.
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WOODWOOD, Etna (Downing),  listed as supposedly buried at Cuervo.  Her name was ETNA (DOWNING) WOODWARD  1880-1955  and she is buried in the HOT SPRINGS CEMETERY in SIERRA COUNTY, NM,  beside her husband WILLIAM J. WOODWARD 1883-1953,  who was my father's 2nd oldest brother.  The whole family settled at Haile, south of Cuervo, in  1907 but most moved down south on the Rio Grande  during the 1930 dust bowl years, though others are  buried at Cuervo, and correctly listed by your site.  Thanks for your good work!  Bud Woodward.