Anton Chico, New Mexico

One of the early towns in Guadalupe County is Anton Chico six miles west of US 84 near the Pecos River. It has had a post office authorized since 1872. Named for the Anton Chico Grant. Petition for the grant was made on February 13, 1822. It was approved August 18, 1824 by the Mexican Congress. Anton Chico was settled about 1824 when the Anton Chico Grant was approved.

Mexican control of New Mexico was 1821 to 1846. Liberal land legislation of the 1820's opened the area up to large land grants to encourage settlement. These grants (often thousands of acres) were usually made so that the grantees had access to good land and water. When Guadalupe County was formed, the Anton Chico Grant was a large grant in the NW corner of Guadalupe County crossing over into San Miguel, County.

Before the turn of the century and probably until after WW II, Anton Chico was an important shopping center for surrounding ranches. It was also a place for the ranch hands to go into town for a Saturday night once in awhile.

Harold Kilmer
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